NDIS Update - July 2019

The NDIS will soon be encouraging participants to consider requesting longer term plans, up to 24 months.

The NDIS is only recommending this for participants with stable support needs, indicating that this may assist participants explore with greater certainty longer term goals. If participants are interested in exploring this possibility, it is recommended that they contact their service provider to discuss their specific circumstances about what would best suit their needs before approaching their LAC or Planner to discuss further.

If participants agree to a 24 month Plan, it is important to know that if during this time their circumstances change, they can telephone the NDIS, their Planner or LAC and follow it up with a 'Change of Circumstances' form. At present, most requests for reviews and changes in circumstances still take considerable time to receive an outcome.

Take home message

The NDIS is still very new and constantly evolving. Serious consideration should be given by Participants if they wish to pursue this path.

For more information:

 Linda Macmillan

Linda Macmillan

Projects Coordinator