Training/E Learning

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“The entire week was so useful and probably the fastest paced training I’ve had. Paula was excellent and I appreciate the quality and depth of all information presented.”

– HomeCare+ Support Worker

“Having worked with clients of all ages and abilities for many years, I would say that to be successful is not just the training – but importantly common sense and satisfaction of the work.”

– Freda Dale, former HomeCare+ Support Worker

“Trainer (Paula) always bright and informative.”

“Good opportunity to reinforce best practice and good habits.”

“Well explained easy to communicate and ask questions easily answered. Trainer (Paula) is easy to understand and friendly.”

“Very good at correcting what I need to change, how I am doing things. Having the chance to practice.”

“The best manual handling training.”

“Easy to go through training package at own pace.”

“Did the training over a few days – 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there.”